How To Change Flat Tire

Are you a DIYer and looking for how to change your flat tire yourself? First, we want to let you know it is dangerous to change your flat tire on the side of a busy highway. We recommend you call a professional towing company for your safety and the safety of passing motorists. Second, calling a professional towing company is beneficial because there is a good chance your tire may need to be replaced. Third, flat tires don’t happen very often, and if you haven’t checked your equipment, you may not have what you need to change your flat tire.

There are seven steps to change your flat tire.

  1.  Pull Over In A Safe Place-Look for flat even ground that’s out of passing traffic with high visibility.
  2.  Light Up And Brake-I’m not talking cigarettes here. Turn on your hazard lights and use your parking brake.
  3.  Time To Get Dirty- Remove your wheel cover and lay it down inside up. Locate your tire tool and loosen ypur lug nuts.
  4.  Lift Your Vehicle– Now it’s time to get your jack and lift your vehicle at the location of your flat tire on the metal part of your vehicle’s frame.
  5.  Remove Lug Nuts– Now it’s time to loosen and remove your lug nuts completely. Then place your lug nuts in your wheel cover to ensure you do not lose them. Them remove your flat tire.
  6. Replace With Spare Tire- Line up your spare with the lug bolts, then place your spare on the wheelbase. Now put your lug nuts on the lug bolts but don’t tighten all the way.
  7.  Lower Vehicle And Tighten Lug Nuts– Slowly lower your vehicle to the ground and tighten your lug nuts completely. Double check your lug nuts to ensure they are thoroughly tightened.

No matter the time of day or night, you call us at The Towing Company, and we will be glad to change your flat tire.

Change Flat Tire Aurora

Are you in Aurora and need assistance with a flat tire? Rather than calling for AAA Tow insurance help, if you want faster service, The Towing Company L.L.C is ready to help. We provide affordable roadside assistance services to ensure motorists in the Aurora area have a qualified resource for help whether you need a tire change, battery boost, unlock service, or gas delivery. Our highly skilled tow truck operators care about your time and safety and provide you with exceptional customer service. Whether the sun is shining, raining, storming, snowing, or even under a snow emergency winch out, The Towing Company is ready and can handle all your roadside needs, whether you need a tow, tire change, or more.

Change Flat Tire Cost

Are you wondering if you can afford a professional towing company to change your flat tire? Whether you are a residential or commercial motorists, our rates are pocketbook-friendly. Because we have upfront flat rates, you can easily manage the expense. Our flat rates insist of enroute mileage and a service fee. For example: if you are 20 miles from our home base with an enroute fee of $4.00 a mile your enroute mile would be $80.00. Add the $80.00 to a service fee of $40.00. Your total costs would be $120.00.

Professional Roadside Assistance And More…

Whether you are visiting Aurora, live in Aurora, or are commercial motorists, The Towing Company L.L.C is here to help you manage all your towing and roadside assistance needs. Our trucks are well maintained and helmed by professional, Wreckmaster certified, and highly skilled tow truck operators. No matter the hour of the day or night, our phones are answered, and our tow truck operators are ready to assist you promptly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As a motorist in the Denver area, you probably travel extensively throughout the many suburbs and cities surrounding Aurora. And if you need assistance with your car and you don’t know who to call, we suggest that you simply pick up your phone and use a search engine to search for Parker tow truck. Why? Because regardless of your location, The Towing Company LLC is available to help you with your car. We operate in Aurora and all of the surrounding cities in the Denver area. Call on us for towing and roadside assistance.

Change Flat Tire Aurora

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Change Flat Tire Aurora
Change Flat Tire Aurora