Choosing A Classic Car Towing Company

Have you experienced a problem with your classic car and now need towing service? Has mother nature done more than rain on your parade? Does your classic or vintage vehicle have hail damage? If so, you’re going to need to get it fixed. This means you’re going to need to choose a competent body shop to do the work. But wait, there’s one other thing to consider, and that is who’s going to tow it?

Choosing a competent towing company to transport your vehicle will aid in alleviating your anxiety when it comes to towing your classic car. But how do you choose which towing company is the best?

Classic Car Towing Price Considerations

Yes, it can be difficult handing off your exotic vehicle to some stranger for transport, but when you do your homework you’ll be much better off. First, we suggest that you never base your decision of towing on how much they charge.

We know companies who charge 300% more than we do for classic car towing, and you might expect that their services are 300% better. Even though you might expect them to pay close attention to detail, they do not go to the lengths one must go to when transporting exotic cars.

Of course, choosing a towing service based on the lowest price would be a mistake as well. Towers, new to the business, will low-ball others at any cost, just to get the tow. And, an inexperienced towing company may or may not be insured? Is this what you want for your classic car?

Transport Companies For Classic Car Towing

There are many trucking and transport companies out there who offer exotic car transport. You can find them advertising on major auction sites, car enthusiast magazines, and other resources. But what you may not realize is that these companies specialize in trucking and transporting all types of equipment and cargo, not just cars.

While they may have some experienced operators who understand the specifics of some of the vehicles they move, these people are not classic car specialists. When it comes to choosing who to transport your vintage vehicle, either across town or across the country, you should be looking for a towing company. Why? Because towing companies ONLY deal with cars.

The Towing Company LLC has been towing vintage and exotic cars for years now and understands that these vehicles need more than what a cargo handler can provide. We take extra care and attention to every detail, using soft straps and tire nets to secure your vintage vehicle to our bed for safe and secure transport.

Multiple Vehicle Transport versus Vintage Car Towing

When you choose a trucking company to transport your classic car there are things you’ll need to consider.

First, shipping your car with a car-shipper is not as simple as picking up the phone and calling for a tow. Your vehicle will be on a multi-car trailer along with six or eight other vehicles. All heading for various locations.

Low ground clearance vehicles will need special treatment that the truck driver may or may not be aware of. The high number of stops can increase the likelihood of damage occurring. And if your vehicle isn’t running for any reason, these trailers aren’t equipped with winches.

When The Towing Company LLC provides a flatbed tow for your vintage vehicle it’s the only vehicle on our radar. Your car receives our sole attention. When we arrive we’ll first have a discussion with you to determine any special needs. Then we’ll grab a pair of clean gloves, ensuring that your vehicle’s paint and the interior remains clean and smudge-free.

We’ll then load it using a winch to pull it onto our bed, connecting the undercarriage where no damage will occur. We’ll secure it to the bed of our tow truck and deliver it to your chosen destination with as few stops as possible.

If you need a classic car towed in Aurora, Colorado, trust that The Towing Company LLC will take care you your car. We tow vehicles of all makes and models, vintage or contemporary. And, if you need other services such as gas delivery, jump starts, tire changes, or even when you lock your keys inside your car, we can help.


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