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Do you have a dead car battery and need a jump start? The Towing Company L.L.C is ready to jump start your car when you need it. We are a professional towing company that provides affordable roadside assistance and towing services to Aurora. Therefore there’s no need to ask a friend who probably doesn’t have jumper cables. Please, for god’s sake, don’t ask a complete stranger.
Our skilled tow truck operators have all the right equipment, training, and knowledge on how to jump start all make and model vehicles safely. We genuinely care about getting you back on the road as quickly as possible at an affordable rate.

How To Jump Start Car

If you may have to jump start your own car, we’ve put together six easy steps to help you. You are going to need jumper cables, a wire brush, and gloves. It’s important to wear gloves to prevent battery acid from possibly getting in contact with your skin.  The wire brush is to remove any corrosion around the battery terminals. But, please be careful when brushing the corrosion from the terminal not to puncture the battery or damage the terminals. 

  1. Pull the running car close to the car that won’t start and make sure both cars are in park and turned off.
  2. Open the hoods of both cars. Unwind and untangle your jumper cables and check to be sure they are in good working condition.
  3. Now attach the cables to the car without the dead battery by placing the positive clamp to the positive cable, then repeat the same to the negative terminal. Then do the same to the car that needs the jump start. But, be careful not to touch the positive and negative clamps together while attaching the cable to the battery. You could blow fuses, melt wires, or other costly damages could occur.
  4. Now you can start the car that you are using to boost the battery. Give it a few minutes, then go ahead and start the car with the dead battery.
  5. After you have the battery charged and the car running, go ahead and disconnect the jumper cables. Again be sure not to touch the positive and negative clamps together of the cables.
  6. Go ahead and shut the hoods but be sure to let the revived car run for about 15 minutes to ensure a reasonable battery charge.

If your car didn’t start, you can try again or give us a call at The Towing Company L.L.C where your find fast and affordable towing services with a friendly smile.

Jump Start Car Fast In Auorora

Are you running late for work and your car won’t start? No worries! The towing Company L.L.C will quickly arrive to jump start your car and get you back on the road again; whether you need one of our roadside assistance services or a tow getting you taken care of quickly and professionally is our priority. The Towing Company L.L.C is well known for providing fast and efficient roadside assistant services. We can also unlock your car, change your flat tire, and if you forgot to check your gas gauge and you’ve run out of gas, we will bring you a couple of gallons of gas so you can get to the nearest gas station to fill up.

Your Dependable Roadside Assistance Team

Whether you live in Aurora or are passing through and you are looking for a dependable towing company to assist you with your roadside breakdown, call us. The Towing Compan L.L.C provides 24 hour towing and roadside assistance services 24/7. Our rates are affordable, and our customer service is the best in the area. We provide a variety of towing services that include long distance and short distance towing as well as numerous roadside assistance services to help get you back on the road safely and quickly.

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