Jump Start Service

We are in the towing business, which means that any time of the day or night, when you have car problems, such as a dead battery, you can always count on us to come and help. Whether it’s a simple jump start, or a complete battery service and battery replacement, we’ve got you covered. One of our courteous roadside assistance technicians will be happy to help. When you need a towing company to provide the best in quality towing and roadside assistance services, look now further than The Towing Company LLC.

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Testimonials Battery Boosting Services

Great customer service and very professional! Called around to other tow trucks and they all took over 1 hour to arrive. The towing company (Roberto) showed up with in 20 minutes.

Jump-Start-Battery-Service-The-Towing-Company-LLC-Aurora-colorado-Testimonial-1Salomon Cordova

“Best prices in town!”

“And really nice and super professional with his clients ”

Jump-Start-Battery-Service-The-Towing-Company-LLC-Aurora-colorado-Testimonial-2Joaquin San Roman

“My experience was wonderful. I broke down on my way to work, less than a mile from my house, and it’s cold out. He got to me super fast, and it was incredibly affordable, especially since I didn’t have far to go.”

Jump-Start-Battery-Service-The-Towing-Company-LLC-Aurora-colorado-Testimonial-3Katherine Wampler

We’ll Start Your Car!

That’s right, we’ll jump start your car. But if it won’t start, due to some other, non-battery related issue don’t worry. Like they say, there’s no need to sweat the small stuff. If it doesn’t start, we’ll have one of our tow trucks with us…just in case.

To start your car on those cold winter mornings or hot summer days, it must have a strong battery. Weather conditions, driving frequency, the age of the battery, and other factors all play a role in how long your battery will last.

It’s always nice to turn the key once, and have your car start like a champ, but batteries do not last forever. A typical battery lasts about 4 years. So if you find yourself in need of a simple jump start or battery replacement, relax, pick up the phone and call The Towing Company LLC.

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For All Your Battery Service Needs


Don’t Settle For Anything Less Than A First Class Jump Start Service

Not All Batteries Are The Same


If you are looking for a battery for your car, you’ve got a lot of choices. There’s Die-Hard, Interstate, and dozens of other lines of batteries. But before you make a decision consult your trusted auto repair shop.  Taking a proactive approach is much better than needing battery service first thing in the morning

Boosting Your Battery With Help


Jump-starting with the help of a neighbor? Please take special precautions. Wear protective goggles & gloves to avoid contact with corrosive acid that can accumulate. Disconnect cables and clean with baking soda and water, then connect the positive to the positive and negative to the negative.

Battery Service Saves Time


Oh no! You should be on your way to work but your truck won’t start. You could take a taxi, but then you would have to take one home again. And then you still have your dead battery problem to contend with. Don’t waste precious time and money, call The Towing Company LLC, we’ll be out to help in no time.


You Can’t Reach My Car!

We get this all the time.

If your battery is dead and you need a jump start, and your car is parked head-in, in the garage – we can still help. Narrow driveways, cars parked head-in, or even, no driveway access to the garage…we’ve seen it all.

That’s why we come prepared. In fact, we’re loaded for bear!

For those hard to reach car batteries we offer a two-pronged approach. We use the highest grade commercial portable jump-packs, or 30-foot long jumper cables. Yeah, 30 FEET Long! With this reach and versatility, we can provide a solution to any of your dead battery woes. And, if your car won’t start we can tow it. How’s that for service?