Why Choose A Lockout Service To Unlock Your Car

If you are like most people, at one time in your life you’ve probably locked your keys in your car.  Maybe you had a thousand things going on and dropped your keys in the trunk.  Or your day was spent shopping in Denver, and, after getting a little tired, you shut the car door a split second before you realized the keys were resting on the driver’s seat.

Your keys are locked inside

It’s at this time that many of us begin to panic. And some even make the mistake of attempting to retrieve their keys from the locked car. We suggest that you do not try and unlock your own car because the consequences can be costly. Instead, call upon a reliable towing company to provide one of the many light services they provide, unlocking your car.

Lockout Service versus doing it yourself.

Attempting to retrieve keys from a locked car when you aren’t properly trained and don’t possess the proper tools can cost you in damages as well as lost time.  You wouldn’t use a fork to hang your clothes in the closet, but many people will try to use a clothes hanger to try and get their keys out of their car. Ouch!!!

Possible consequences of attempting to unlock your car with a clothes hanger: DAMAGES

  • You may cause damage to the interior, both cloth, and upholstery
  • Risk of causing damage to the rubber gasket that keeps out the rain and road noise
  • If you’re not careful you can damage the door hinges
  • Or scratched to the car’s paint
  • Scratches on the glass
  • Damage to the lockout button

If you are in the need of a dependable cheap towing business that promises to provide impeccable service, then look no further than The Towing Company LLC.



Choose a professional for lockout service

The Towing Company LLC is located in Aurora, Colorado, and can help you when you have locked your keys in your car. Don’t attempt to do it yourself. Save time and money by calling a professional to unlock your car. When you call The Towing Company, we’ll arrive and get your car unlocked, quickly and damage-free.

  • Your paint will remain damage-free
  • No damage to the rubber gasket
  • No damage to the door hinges
  • Your glass will not be scratched
  • Interior will remain intact
  • The job will be quick and painless and you’ll be on your way in no time.

The Towing Company Cares About You And Your Car.

As you can plainly see, attempting to unlock your own vehicle without the proper equipment and expertise can cause damages and waste your time. When you need assistance in Aurora, of any kind, including roadside assistance and towing, call on us. We’ll be there in a matter of minutes to take care of you and your car.


So, regardless of where you are in the Denver metro area, when your car won’t go, and you need a tow, you can always count on The Towing Company LLC to help you out. Our team of highly motivated individuals can tow your car from one city to another. And if you have a flat tire or your car has run out of gas, we can help you with that as well.  Contact us for all your towing and roadside assistance needs.