Roadside Assistance

For Life's Little Mishaps

Flat tire? Dead Battery? You need roadside assistance.
When life's little challenges boil to the surface and you find yourself along the roadside, you can always trust the friendly, courteous professionals at The Towing Company LLC to provide a solution.
We provide battery service, unlocks, tire changes, fuel delivery, as well as other miscellaneous services you may need. Give us a call.

Our Roadside Assistance Includes

Quick Reliable Service

When you choose to use The Towing Company LLC as your roadside assistance provider we promise to provide prompt courteous service.

Whether you've picked up a nail or ran over a curb, a tire change may be all that's required. If the problem can't be solved by removing the bad wheel and replacing it with your good spare, don't despair. We've also brought with us a tow truck.

Cold Denver winters can cause your battery to discharge overnight. If that's the case and you find yourself needing roadside assistance, or flatbed towing, give us a call. We'll get to you within 30 minutes and provide the best solution for the occasion.

Never Fear, Your Roadside Assistance Is Here

Denver's Best Towing

We strive to be the Denver Metro area's best towing company. That's why, when it comes to roadside assistance, we always go above and beyond. 

To a hammer, everything looks like a nail, but not all roadside assistance problems need to be treated with a tow.  Sometimes it's something simple.

Our services include: unlocking cars. Have you ever needed that?

Of course everyone's locked their keys in their car at some point. You're in a hurry, you grab your phone, your purse, your wallet, and the list of items you intend to purchase from the store. You're all set, and you only forget one thing, your keys. You've went and locked your keys in the car. 

Enter The Towing Company LLC. If something like this ever happens to you...Give us a call. 


Fuel Delivery

Regardless of how and why you ran out of gas, just know that we are always available to provide roadside assistance and can bring you a couple of gallons of either gasoline or diesel. Just be sure to tell the dispatcher what type of fuel your vehicle uses.


Jump Starts

Cold Denver mornings mean hard starts and dead batteries. Did you know that summer weather can play just as big a role when it comes to your battery discharging? When you need roadside assistance for a jump start call The Tow Company LLC.


Tire Change

If you picked up a nail, ran over a curb, or have a pestering, slow leak, you might need a tire change. First things first, get to a safe location, then call us for roadside assistance, we'll bring everything necessary to change your tire and get you on your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roadside Assistance

We do our best to be as transparent as possible, so you know what type of assistance you can expect. Here are a few of our frequently asked questions

We provide unlocking service, tire change service, fuel/gas delivery, battery/jump starting service, as well as winching services. We also provide miscellaneous services, like helping with a locked steering wheel, freeing up frozen lug-nuts, and others. Call with your specific questions.

Our roadside assistance fees depend largely on the location of your vehicle, and how many miles we must travel to reach you. Our standard fees for tire changes, lockouts, battery service, and fuel delivery are $50 with 5 free en-route miles. If you are in need of fuel, we'll bring 2 gallons and charge you the cost of the gas, plus the service fee. More than 5 miles away, we charge $2 per mile after 5.
Weather, and traffic permitting, it usually takes between 20 and 30 minutes for one of our tow operators to arrive. Of course providing roadside assistance can offer-up some unexpected variables,
and the time required to provide service to others may be longer than expected. If that is the case, and we are running late, you will receive a phone call, or text alerting you as to our new expected ETA.
If you have a flat tire but don't have a jack don't despair. We bring everything necessary to provide you the roadside assistance that you need. The only items that we do not carry are keys for locking lug-nuts, and vehicle-specific tools required to lower your spare from it's storage location (these are predominantly on trucks.) In preparation of our arrival, please have your vehicle's manual available so that we can find everything we need to provide service as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Yes, we work with most major insurance companies and roadside assistance companies. We'll provide you with the roadside assistance you need, you then pay us directly, then we will provide you with a payment receipt, which you can then submit to your roadside assistance company for reimbursement. It's much better than waiting for hours for your insurance company to find someone for you.
Our tow truck operators receive ongoing training on every aspect of towing and roadside assistance. Your vehicle will not sustain any damage as a result of our lockout service. We use state of the art tools and equipment, along with any necessary paint and scratch deterrents to ensure your vehicle is in the same condition as we found it.
One note: attempting to unlock your own vehicle using alternative methods, such as a clothes-hanger, can not only damage the outside of your car, but also the interior. Let the professionals at The Towing Company do the job for you.
Yes, there will be times when a jump-start doesn't work. Some batteries are too discharged to bring back to life. If that is the case, we can then tow your car to a repair facility for battery replacement.
As far as the fees for the roadside assistance, and the towing service, we do not double-charge our customers. The Towing Company believes in fair treatment for all its customers.
All of our tow trucks carry a 2 gallon container of gasoline, and a 5 gallon container of diesel. We've found that this is just enough to get you to the nearest gas station to fill up.