Are You Stuck In The Snow?

Are you in need of a tow truck to winch you out of the snow? Driving in the snow can be very stressful, and ending up in the ditch because you slid off the roadway is downright terrifying. If you live in Aurora, Colorado or are just passing through the Denver Metro Area, The Towing Company LLC is here to assist you in your time of need.

Being stuck roadside is dangerous and the longer your there, the higher the chance you will be involved in a secondary accident. When you are out driving in winter weather, it’s wise to keep a trusted tow company’s phone number in your contact list. Our number is 720-416-4800. We know how frustrating it is to stranded roadside. That is why we provide every customer with empathetic and courteous service.

What To Do If Your Stuck In The Snow?

We’ve put together a list to help you when you are stuck roadside in the snow.

  1. Turn on your hazard lights: Whether your stuck in the snow or your car is broke down, putting on your hazard lights ensures other motorist know you are stranded roadside. This will allow them to give you a wide berth when passing.
  2. Ensure everyone’s safety: If you are stranded on a highly traveled roadway, it can be dangerous for you or your passengers to get out of the vehicle. If so, it would be best to call a trusted towing company to get you back on the road again.
  3. Get out to see how badly your stuck: If the traffic is calm, now would be the time to assess the situation after you’ve turned on hazard lights. If you have any road triangles now would be the time to put them out as well.
  4. Clear the snow away from around your tires: Remove as much of the snow as possible with whatever tool you may find in your car. Ice scraper, coffee cup, and your hands if possible. Also, try to remove snow from underneath the car if it’s high. Next, if you have any kitty litter or gravel or anything similar, place this around your tires to help with traction.
  5. Drive forward and then reverse: Now, you should try a rocking motion by switching your shifter from drive and reverse. You don’t want to gun it. Be sure the car is not in motion before switching from drive to reverse or reverse to drive. Being in motion while changing gears can damage your transmission.
  6. If all else fails: After trying the steps we’ve provided, and it fails, you will need to contact a towing company in the Denver metro area. It is not recommend to call a friend to hookup their vehicle and pull you out. This could result in damage to both vehicles and risk the safety of everyone involved. Having someone push your vehicle is very dangerous as well.

Safety First When Stuck In The Snow

Here at The Towing Company LLC, we recommend experiencing the snow storm inside where it’s warm in front of your fireplace, making yummy smores with your family. But, if you have to go out, we recommend taking along a few items in case you become stuck or stranded roadside.

Gas: fill your tank to the brim. If you are stuck in the snow, one thing you will have is heat as long as you keep your engine running, so be sure to have a full tank of gas. You’ll want to use this sparingly to be sure you don’t run out of gas.

Snacks and water: Taking a few snacks such as trail mix, maybe even a protein snack bar will help curb hunger and keep your energy level up. Definitely take a few extra bottles of water.

Blankets: Keep a blanket or two just in case you can’t keep your vehicle running. This will add some needed warmth if the temperatures are very cold.

Extra gloves, hats, and scarves: layer, layer, and layers are the key to keeping warm. You want to have extras in case your items become wet.

Also, if you’re stuck in the snow, it’s important to keep your exhaust pipe clear. You will want to be sure there isn’t any snow clogging your exhaust pipe because this could cause carbon minoxide to back up into your vehicle, which could reach dangerous levels in just over a minute. And, could reach deadly levels within 15 to 20 minutes.

The best thing you can do is keep our phone number in your contact list 1-720-416-4800. Here at The Towing Company, we hope you never become stuck or stranded during a snow storm. We want you to keep moving forward,  so, we’ll be right here when you need us. So whether you need local winch-out service for your car, or you need efficient truck towing services, just know that you can always rely on The Towing Company LLC to be ther when you call.


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