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Are you in Calico and need a tow truck? Give us a call at The Towing Company L.L.C. We provide towing and roadside assistance services for Calico and the surrounding areas. We are ready to help you whether you live in Calico, are visiting, or just passing through. You can count on us to assist you whether you need help with a flat tire or a tow that is across town or out of town. Because we know a car breakdown or vehicle accident is never planned, we want you to know you can always count on us to be there when you need us, and we will provide you with the quickest and best towing solution for your needs. Please, put our number into your contact list 720-416-4800.
We know there is never a good time to be stranded on the side of the road, and we understand how it can be frustrating and, at times, overwhelming. Therefore you can count on us to provide you with empathetic service no matter the hour of the day or night.

Cost Of A Calico Tow Truck Service

The price of a tow truck service will depend on what type of service you need. Our team at The Towing Company L.L.C provides more than towing. We provide towing, accident towing, flatbed towing, recovery services, and roadside assistance services.

For example: If you need a towing service for your car and the distance of the tow is 35 miles, there will be a hookup fee plus mileage charges. For example: If our hookup fee is $60.00 and the mileage charge is $5 per mile towed, your total cost for a 35-mile tow would come out to $240.00.This price is without extenuating circumstances. Circumstances that could increase the hookup time may cause the rate to be higher.

For our services that do not require a tow, we charge in-route mileage from our headquarters plus a service.

We care about our customers and our customer’s time. Therefore you can count on us to respond usually within 30 minutes. Because we provide a quick response, treat your vehicle like it’s our own, and care about keeping you safe our services, our services are highly affordable. 

Whether your car needs a tow that’s 12 miles or 100 miles, you can count on our skilled tow truck operators to take your vehicle the towing distance you need.

Services A Calico Tow Truck Company Provides

At The Tow Company L.L.C., we provide a variety of services. Our professionalism shines through in our towing services, but our professionalism stands out in other areas too.
You will first notice our attention to detail when we change your tire with all aspects of your vehicle from outside to inside. You’ll be amazed at the attention to detail we demonstrate when changing a tire. When changing your tire, we will need to remove tools and other accessors to access your spare; we will go above and beyond to ensure we put every tool and accessor back where we found them. And, if your tire is low and just needs air, we will fill it to the manufactures required specs.
Maybe you’ve locked your keys in your truck and need a towing company to unlock it. Our highly skilled tow truck operator will retrieve your keys without so much as a scratch. You’ll be amazed at how easy and fast our tow truck operator can get into your vehicle, which is extremely important if your child or pet is locked inside your hot vehicle dog—every second counts regarding the safety of your child and pet when they are in an unsafe situation.
In your haste to get home, did you forget to put gas in your gas tank, leaving you stranded just a couple of miles away from the nearest gas station? No worries, we can bring you a couple of gallons of gas, just enough to get you to the next convenience store.
Do you have a dead battery? Call us for our jump start service. Our tow truck drivers can provide you with a jump start and even replace your battery if necessary.

Why Call The Towing Company LLC?

Why not? First, you will be calling a towing company that is dedicated to providing superior towing, roadside assistance, and customer service. Our wrecker drivers are Wreckmaster certified and highly trained. They have the skills you need to manage all your towing, accident towing, and roadside assistance needs and continually stay up to date with all new towing techniques. Second, we adhere to all the best practices in the towing industry and follow all manufacturer’s recommendations. Third, we love our community and are good neighbors, forthright, and friendly. Therefore if you ever find yourself roadside in Calico and need a tow or a roadside assistance service with your car, truck S.U.V., all-wheel drive motorcycle, or four-wheel drive vehicle, give us a call at The Towing Company L.L.C.

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