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Do you have questions about the capabilities of towing companies? Are you curious what a tow truck operator will and will not do for you out on the road?  As a courtesy to our website visitors, The Towing Company LLC provides you with answers to these and other pressing questions.  No longer must you be concerned with what towing company to call because you don’t know if they can help.

We lay it out plain and simple so you’ll know what exactly we can do for you when you need towing or roadside assistance.

Our towing business is based in Aurora, but we service the entire Denver area, including Stapleton, Colorado.

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Answers For Towing Service Stapleton?

Will the tow truck operator give me a ride?

This is one of the most common questions we receive. When you need classic car towing, or just a regular car towed in and around the Stapleton, Colorado area, one of your concerns might be whether or not the tow truck operator will provide you with a ride.  We can’t speak for all towing companies in the Denver area, but The Towing company LLC will extend every courtesy to you when you’re in such a vulnerable position. Not only will we provide you with a ride while towing your car, but on those hot summer days when you may have had to wait in a car without air conditioning, we’ll bring you a bottle of water to quench your thirst.

Can a tow truck get into a parking garage?

Due to the fact that parking is at a premium in the Denver area, we often receive calls from motorists who are experiencing car problems inside of parking complexes.  The question we constantly receive is one of concern for our tow truck’s ability to clear low ceilings inside their parking garage. The answer to the question, can a tow truck get into a parking garage, is…it depends.  Our tow trucks do have the ability to clear most garages. The problem that comes into play when working in a parking garage is loading your vehicle onto a flatbed tow truck.  When loading your vehicle onto the bed of our flatbed tow truck, we must tilt the bed up. If the ceilings are too low, we won’t be able to load you inside the parking garage.  But we do provide a solution. We can simply push your car out of the garage and then load it.

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Can a tow truck driver damage my car?

One concern that we must acknowledge is the question of whether or not a tow truck driver can cause damage to your car. The obvious answer is this…if they’re not careful…YES.

Unfortunately, there are some towing companies and tow truck operators who pay less than the required amount of attention when handling your vehicle. For the most part, these operators are new to the towing industry and do not have a full grasp of what is required to transport your vehicle safely.

However, The Towing Company LLC has extensive knowledge and experience towing and transporting a wide variety of vehicles. From motorcycles to Maserati’s we’ve towed just about everything out there and promise to provide you with damage-free solutions to your towing needs.

Can a tow truck driver unlock my car?

A properly trained tow truck driver has the ability to unlock 99% of the vehicles on the road today. So, to answer your question, yes tow truck drivers can unlock your car. But, we believe you should be asking a different question. And that is, will the tow truck driver cause damage to my car while unlocking it?

When it comes to unlocking cars, proper training is a must, but nothing compares to the knowledge gained from experience. Our tow truck operators are trained and can unlock your vehicle without causing any damage to your car’s paint, interior, or door hinges. Having the ability to unlock a car, and doing so without damage are two separate things. Call The Towing Company LLC for all your towing service Stapleton.