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 How To Choose A Wrecker Towing Company

Choosing a towing company to move your vehicle when it must be towed in and around Montclair, Colorado, is a big decision you shouldn’t take lightly. In this article, we’re going to provide you with some tips and tricks for choosing the right wrecker service towing company for your needs. However, before we talk about how to choose the right company, let’s first delve into the term “wrecker” itself.

To say that a wrecker is merely a tow truck that is not a flatbed is, kind of, missing the point. Yes, a flatbed tow truck offers stability and security when you have a four-wheel drive car or truck, but a wrecker tow truck can do so much more. For example, accident recoveries and winching services are much better performed using a wrecker as opposed to a flatbed tow truck. Wreckers are also easier to maneuver in tight spaces like narrow alleyways, driveways and, parking garages.

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Here’s a list of some of the things a wrecker can do

  • Slide-Off Winching
  • Accident Recovery
  • Police Towing
  • Maneuvering In Tight Spaces
  • Lifting & Loading
  • Wheel Lift Towing

A Wrecker Towing Company Montclair Can Count On

How to choose the right wrecker company in Montclair, Colorado.

Now that you know the capabilities of a wrecker, what should you consider when deciding who to call when you need towing services.

First, we suggest that you consider the company’s reputation online. How many 5 star reviews a company has can go a long way in helping you to determine the quality of their character. Also, how do the company’s owners respond to negative reviews? Are their responses filled with blame-shifting or do they take responsibility for mistakes made? These and other concerns can help you avoid a costly mistake when choosing a towing company in Montclair, Colorado. When you need an outstanding tow truck service call us first, you won’t be disappointed.



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Lastly, we offer up a couple of scenarios where having your vehicle towed with the use of a wrecker may be more desirable than having it towed with a flatbed tow truck.

  • Broken Ball Joint- If you have a broken ball-joint, if not loaded properly, there’s a chance that damage can occur to the fender of your vehicle while loading it onto a flatbed. However, with the use of a towing truck wrecker equipped with a wheel-lift, damage, in most instances can be avoided. Just know that any damage done is not due to neglect on the part of the tow truck operator, but is as a result of the broken ball joint itself.
  • No Keys- If the reason for the tow is because there are no keys with the vehicle then the use of a wrecker tow truck equipped with a wheel lift and dollies is preferable.  If a flatbed tow truck were to be used in such an instance the vehicle would need to be dragged onto the bed and, quite possibly, shaken from the bed when unloading. This is only done when the vehicle is a total loss.